What We Do

Studio 11 Films is a full service production company dedicated to producing unconventional and unique groundbreaking content for film, television and new media platforms. Specializing in producing content from HD to Native 4K.

Our Mission

Our business model creates an environment that encourages content creators to organically collaborate on original ideas with an authentic voice. Studio 11 Films, with its financial and technical infrastructure, partners with other production companies to develop and produce projects across a wide range of genres.

Our Vision

As a growing company Studio 11 Films has a firm hand on the pulse of the industry ranging from all cultures; classic, urban and youth. We recognize the current creative imperative that is driving the paradigm shift away from large studios producing the most relevant films and television programs. This allows Studio 11 Films as an independent production company the unique opportunity to fill the content gap.

More About Us & Our Team

Our quest is to focus on content that highlights various social and cultural issues motivating positive thinking.

While working with innovative minds, engaging material and celebrity clientele, Studio 11 Films is a new and important voice in the development of independent entertainment that reaches beyond the boundaries of tradition.

Studio 11 Films prides itself on training and educating aspiring screenwriters, producers, directors and editors by providing intensive courses through our 11eleven11 project and continued education classes. Hands on training and celebrity mentorship prepares them to be successful content creators careers in the entertainment industry.

Producer   : Sharon Tomlinson
Director   : Carl Anthony Payne II
Director     : Avery O Williams
Writer   : Victor Cobb
Casting   : Kim Flowers
Tag Line   : The truth can hurt sometimes…but not even death can keep a secret.
Status   : Complete
Time   : 87 minutes
Budget   : NA
Rating   : PG13

The life of a young cop on the rise at his precinct takes a dramatic turn when his female partner gets into an accident, taking with her a secret that would affect both their families forever. Fifteen years later we meet his son Kevin who on the surface is a seemingly typical teenage. Through Kevin’s eyes, we are taken on an emotional roller coaster ride as we discover what lies beneath as he tries to cope with being teased, tormented, taunted and dismissed by his so called “friends” on a daily basis, to ultimately being confronted with the paralyzing truth about his real family. This unexpected journey comes to an end and while the truth can hurt sometimes, not even death can keep a secret.